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Follow this instructions (I’ll do the other part of the assignment)
B: Using the site survey provided: (the design you have to reproduce in scale it’s at the bottom of the assignment pdf)
( screenshot are for EXAMPLE how the Design SHOULD BE, PROFESSIONAL not just a scribble )
Using a scale of 1:100, produce an accurate plan of the survey drawing provided present your drawing on A3 paper.
Your drawing should be presented with a border and technical title block, containing all relevant information and use of appropriate symbols.
The drawing must include a scale bar for accurate assessment (an example is provided at the end of
the assignment).
C: Using the site survey drawn in Assignment B:
Trace or copy the site survey to produce a simplified base drawing to show the boundaries and important features but removing any items you definitely do not want to keep in the new design

SO: the design can be hand drawn BUT it MUST look professional similar to the examples on the jpg file and must follow the instructions

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