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I just need a re write for my second paragraph(first body paragraph). This paragraph needs to be a counter argument. I attached the entire paper so you have reference of the topic. This is the feedback I received from my professor.

This isn’t quite structured the way I’d like the counterargument to be structured.
1st part: show me the view that you disagree with. Maybe this view, that there is a rise in interracial couples, is a view that’s opposed to yours, but I can’t tell. The support for that view also isn’t clear. The support says people support interracial marriage. Couples and marriage aren’t the same, and supporting interracial unions and doing it (marrying) aren’t the same. I’d love support that shows there are more interracial marriages now than there were then or for you to compare apples (increase in support) to apples, not apples (increase in support) to oranges (increase in number of marriages). The end of the paragraph has to summarize the issue and what you agree with.

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