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Test taking service during his time at Maryland, the amount of money and premeditation that went into contacting the service, as well as the dishonesty that Mr. Soto displayed during his meeting with Mr. Bond and during the disciplinary conference. Mr. Soto used this test taking service no less than seven (7) times over the course of 2 years to take exams in various courses and did not initially accept responsibility for the totality of his pattern of behavior. Mr. Soto would have paid an average of $250 per examination which equals $1750, not the estimated $1000 he originally stated.
Additionally, Mr. Soto was not forthcoming or honest about using the test-taking service for exams. During his initial meeting with James Bond, Mr. Soto was not initially forthcoming, but did eventually admitt to paying for the service and then admitted to using it in three additional classes besides ECON 305.

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When asked why he was not being honest, Mr. Soto said Student Legal Aid (not present at the Disciplinary Conference Board) told him not to mention it since there was no evidence of him using the service in other classes, however his admission is clear evidence of this pattern of cheating behavior. The Board takes issue with Mr. Soto’s attempted provision of false information during the Disciplinary Conference.
Finally, the
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Please write how to appeal this?

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