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Five-page [1200-1400 words maximum] expository essay on any topic in music.
Choosing a topic is part of the assignment so give it good thought.
Based on multiple reading sources if research is needed, otherwise write from your experiences.
Addresses at least one of the following diversity issues:
race, gender, culture (national origin, ethnicity, religion), social class, age, sexual orientation, and disability.

Questions about writing and documentation:
Refer to the MLA or APA handbook for questions pertaining to writing.
For references use traditional sources and the Internet.
List sources including hyperlinks quoted in your paper as endnotes*.
List references read but not used in a bibliography*.
Use 12-point Courier or 12-point Times Roman or 12-point Garamond, double-spaced.
Use quotes for titles of a song or short musical composition, italics for a long musical composition.
*Documentation of:
A musical composition–
Mozart: Wolfgang Amadeus. Piano Concerto no. 20 in D Minor, K. 466.
A performance–
Ozawa, Seiji, cond. Boston Symphony Orch. Concert. Symphony Hall,
. 25 Apr. 2001.
A recording–
Mitchell, Joni. For the Roses. Asuyum. 1972
Writer’s checklist:
Make your subject your own. Pick a subject you care about so that your writing is worthwhile for you and your readers.
Explore you subject in writing. List your ideas or write them out in sentences. Try to get flow in your writing.
Focus your ideas. What is the central idea or question you want to answer?
Research your subject. Get ideas about the sound of the music, the meaning of the music, its history, its composer, its cultural background from outside sources and listen to the music so that you can put your own ideas into your paper.
Draft, revise, edit and proofread your paper.

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