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Please submit your revised code here. (original paper is attached)

Also, look at the chart in Chapter 4 and also the examples of codes in the appendices for additional inspiration.

The following comments are meant to help you strengthen your code, refine your commitments, and ensure that you are saying what you want to say. Any criticisms are not meant personally, but to suggest ways to strengthen your work .

Your introduction is good. You have a few typos to address that I have highlighted.

You are not using direct action language. If you aren’t sure what that is, go back and look at chapter 4. Notice that saying something is wrong is different from saying that you will not do it. Your code should be about commitments you are willing to make (I will and I will not.)

As is made clear in the book, your code should be about what you will do and how it effects other people. This is not about how you will influence other people, but how your actions effect others for better or worse. Thus, the emphasis on harm, theft, and deception. You have bundled these into a single paragraph, which really doesn’t work well.

You make some very broad statements, which, while praiseworthy, are not actually livable. If you say you will do something, your actions need to be measurable and you need to know when you have done enough.

As you work on your second draft, look at your homework answers for chapter 4 and also the examples of codes in the back of the book. They will give you additional ideas of how to further develop your code. Think about a section on ethics as a student or for friends/romantic relationships.

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