Writing Project # 3

The goal of this assignment is to have you analyze a selection of poems, focusing specifically on persona, tone, imagery, symbolism, language, and form. Also, this assignment should improve your ability to read and think critically.
Compose 2 short essays on 2 different poems the poems((“a poem is a city” 527and “Dog’s Death” 508))1 poem per essay. Each essay should focus on a single poetic element: persona, tone, imagery, symbolism, an aspect of poetic language, or an aspect of poetic form. In the essays, discuss how these various elements relate to the overall meaning/theme of the respective poem. You must choose two different elements to analyze. Do not use any outside research for this assignment.
Remember; do not simply summarize the poems; doing so will lead to a failing grade
Each essay should be between 400-600 words. The paper should be in standard MLA format. Place both essays one file.

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