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I just want to make sure everyone understands how your Middleby case study should be organized. The following are the sections that should be headings in bold.
Intro/Overview: Tell me what is happening in the case and give overview of the case. Tell also what you will cover in this case study.
Problem Statement: Talk about the major problems in this case and how you would solve them. You only using the time frame in the case and what is currently happening at Middleby. I hope everyone has figured out that Middleby is on the brink of bankruptcy and everyone in the marketplace knows it. They promote this guy name Selim Bassoul to COO and he has this bold five point plan to turnaround the company. He is so crazy he wants to buy this company called Blodgett with debt. It is stated in the case: this overaggressive acquisition strategy is the very thing that got Middleby close to bankruptcy. You must decide in the case of whether you think Bassoul plans is going to work based on the evidence in the case. You do not know the future. We know it worked, but you have to blank that out of your mind and think about it as if you were a board member– would you approve this merger. Make a judgment on Bassoul’s five point plan and his proposed purchase of Blodgett.
SWOT Analysis; Make sure you have separate out each element and explain what this SWOT analysis means.
Global Perspective and Position: You must take a look at how Middleby’s Global Perspective and position in the marketplace play into Selim’s plan. The case talks about Global Branding Efforts. You must make some type of determination of what it means for a company to have a global perspective and whether Middleby has a proper one.
Alternatives: Based on the problem(s) you identified in the case what alternatives do you have to solve them. You just bullet these alternatives
Recommendations: This is the money section and it should never be just one paragraph. You are solving the problems you identified and tell Middleby what they should do going forward to remain a viable and competitive company. Make sure you address all the problems you stated in the problem statement.
Conclusion: You can reflect on what you found and learned in this case. You can talk about how Bassoul’s planned worked, but you may have had doubts based on the facts of the case.
These are the sections you should include in your case study. It should be about 5-7 pages double-spaced.

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