Writing Question

Wk 1 journal
What is your career goal and how can developing a growth mindset help to keep you motivated to reach that career goal?
Wk 2 db
Rate your overall time management skills. How effective are you in managing time?
What changes have you made or plan to make in order to add this course to your daily schedule?
Thinking about Stephen Covey’s habit, Being Proactive, what does being proactive mean to you in relation to your time management?
Wk 2 journal
Share a short-term SMART goal for this course. Be sure to make your goal Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.
How will this SMART goal help you achieve your long-term goal?
Wk 3 db
Share an example of when you were impacted by miscommunication.
How could this situation have been resolved if you had used Covey’s Seek First to Understand and Then Be Understood habit?
How does taking care of your well-being (social, emotional, physical) affect other areas of your life such as family time, course/schoolwork, or employment?
Wk 4 db
How can the habit Begin With the End in Mind keep you motivated when you are feeling overwhelmed?
What study strategies will most help you improve?
How do you take advantage of learning styles in a way that will benefit you as you work through your degree or even in your chosen profession?

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