Writing Question

This week you read the article titled “Steve Jobs knew how to write an email. Here’s how he did it.” by Justin Bariso, and you learned how to write an email.
Now you will combine your understanding of the content of the article and your ability to write a well-structured.
Write an email to me (Sonja Penzo) in which you will have the following 6 sections:
1. Start with an appropriate Subject Line. (approx 3-5 words)
2. Ensure the tone of your Greeting is appropriate. (approx 3-5 words)
3. Introduce yourself and state why you are writing the email in the Purpose section. (approx 2-4 sentences)
4. Provide a short explanation of 3 things you learned from the article “Steve Jobs knew how to write an email. Here’s how he did it.” in the Details of the email. (approx 6-9 sentences)
5. Create an interesting and appropriate Call for Action. What do you want the reader to do? (approx 2-3 sentences)
6. Finish with an appropriate closing. (approx 2 sentences, 2-3 words, and your full name)
Finally, submit your email in this Assignment link. DO NOT SEND ME AN ACTUAL EMAIL.
Marking Scheme
Sentence Skills /10
-sentence variety
Organization /10
-6 sections
-layout of content
-font size/type
Content/Argument /10
-appropriate subject line/greeting/closing
-content from reading
-ask for action

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