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Each text/video on the Module 14 Overview page discusses issues related to Hitchcock style. Through these materials you’ll learn about several different film techniques, storylines, and concepts that Hitchcock uses to create his suspenseful cinematic vision.
Select 2 different techniques from each of the 4 texts for a total of 8. You will have 2 from the PowerPoint, 2 from the first video, and 2 from the second video, and 2 from the third video. Make a list of your 8 techniques and then write a corresponding paragraph (4-5 sentences) for each one. Each paragraph should have:
The name of the technique or concept
A quick description of the technique
An explanation of how the concept is seen in Strangers on a Train
A detailed explanation of the effects of that technique or concept has on the audience (you).
Here are a collection of possible concepts or techniques that might help you get started:
Faces: showing emotion, size of the images, close-ups
Shots/Camera Work: wide shots, moving camera, point of view shots, montage
Perspective: information given to the audience about danger
Themes: arbitrary universe, innocence assaulted, shared guild, doppleganger,
Other Techniques: camera angles, lighting, composition, crosscutting, sound, acting
GradingThis assignment is worth 50 points.


Read/View the PowerPoint: Alfred Hitchcock: mini-bio, history, and techniques: Hitchcock PowerPoint.ppt Download Hitchcock PowerPoint.pptor Hitchcock PDF.pdf Download Hitchcock PDF.pdf
View The Birds (Links to an external site.) – How the suspense works
View Psycho (Links to an external site.) – How Hitchcock manipulates the audience
View Hitchcock discuss editing (Links to an external site.)
Watch the film: Strangers on a Train (Links to an external site.) – Alfred Hitchcock

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