Writing Question

You can choose any topic that is related to the American Dream such as immigration, Social media, Jobs…etc. Simply, answering the questions in the first folder will give me the time I need to talk about the topic. What you will give will not be submitted as a document only i’m going to represent it in the class. So you can write it as an essay or notes it does not matter. I only need to talk about it for 3-5 mins and answering the questions
write the main ideas of the essay and the outlines what you need for the coming research paper. The additional documents are helpful to give a good view of the last essay and my definition of the American dream. This just preparing for the big research which is 6 pages. If my professor likes the topic we will work again in the final essay. I also attached the previous essay of the american dream so you can get a better overview of the idea.

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