WST 3324 discussion post

The questions you are required to answer are below. Each answer must include only grammatically correct, complete sentences. Whenever you use a quote from the assigned content, please be sure to use the required formal APA citation style.
1.) In this course we learn theories, concepts, and perspectives of ecofeminism.
Please directly quote from assigned course content to discuss at least three (3) different theories, definitions, or types of ecofeminism.
2.) By directly quoting from assigned course content, please describe:
a.) what those three (3) or more different theories, definitions, or types of ecofeminism have in common with each other and
b.) how those three (3) or more different theories, definitions, or types of ecofeminism differ from each other.
3.) Do independent research in order to find one self-identified ecofeminist.
The example should come from the independent research that you do.
You are required to use the required course formal APA citation style to cite the source/s that you use (must be an outside source/s; come from beyond this class’s assigned content).
In list form — and using only complete sentences — please include *all* of the following about that individual:
a.) What years was the person alive, or if they are still alive, how old are they?
b.) What is the person’s primary profession (researcher, scholar, writer, activist, scientist, theorist, politician, novelist, actor/performer, etc.)?
c.) What is one contribution to ecofeminism that the individual made (what did/do they advocate and fight for)?
d.) Why should the world remember, care about, and honor this person and their contributions to ecofeminism?
*Please offer details to justify your answer. Please directly quote from an appropriate academic source at least once per question response. Wikipedia is not an appropriate academic source.*
Step 2:
After you address all prompts, please respond to at least two (2) classmates’ posts. Interact with one another in respectful, encouraging, and professional ways. For your responses to count, your response posts to your classmates must be substantive and extend the ongoing discussion in meaningful, unique, and engaging ways. Answers like “I agree.” or “That’s interesting!” or “I like your comment.” do not qualify as substantive responses, so you will not earn points for such replies to your peers. Your reply/response post/s to peers should be interactive, should extend the conversation (not end it), and should be professional, well-worded, and considerate. Points will be deducted if you do not include at least two (2) reply/response posts to two (2) different classmates.
Step 3:
Only carefully proofread and revised complete sentences should be used (unless otherwise stated) when you prepare Discussion forum and other kinds of writing assignments in this course. Before you post any of your writing to the discussion forum, please be sure you reread your written contributions. Read what you have written out loud to yourself or to someone else. Revise/edit it so that what you say flows smoothly and includes no grammatical, spelling, or punctuation mistakes. Before posting it, reread it once more. Once it’s all ready, go ahead and turn it in. Points will be deducted for errors related to grammar, spelling, punctuation, phrasing, and structure.

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